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Set up recording behavior

Managers can monitor live conversations, and review and download recordings of past agent conversations. To set this up, you need to add the Set recording and analytics behavior block to your flows, assign managers the appropriate permissions, and show them how to monitor live conversations and access past recordings in Amazon Connect.

When is a conversation recorded?

A conversation is recorded only when the contact is connected to an agent. The contact is not recorded before then, when they are connected to the flow.

When a customer is on hold, the agent is still recorded.

If the agent mutes their own microphone, for example, to consult with a coworker sitting next to them, their side-bar conversation is not recorded. The customer is still recorded since their microphone hasn't been muted.

Where are recordings and transcripts stored?

Agents and contacts are stored on separate, stereo audio channels.

  • The agent audio is stored in the right channel.

  • All incoming audio, including the customer and anyone conferenced in, is stored in the left channel.

Recordings are stored in the Amazon S3 bucket that are created for your instance. Any user or application with the appropriate permissions can access the recordings in the Amazon S3 bucket.

Encryption is enabled by default for all call recordings using Amazon S3 server-side encryption with KMS. The encryption is at the object level. The reports and recording objects are encrypted; there's no encryption at the bucket level.

You shouldn't disable encryption.

  • For voice conversations to be stored in an Amazon S3 bucket, you need to enable recording in the flow block using the Set recording and analytics behavior block.

  • For chat conversations, if there's an S3 bucket for storing chat transcripts, then all chats are recorded and stored there. If no bucket exists, then no chats are recorded. However, if you want to monitor chat conversations, you still need to add the Set recording and analytics behavior block to the flow.


We recommend using the contact ID to search for recordings.

Even though many call recordings for specific contact IDs may be named with the contact ID prefix itself (for example, 123456-aaaa-bbbb-3223-2323234.wav), there is no guarantee that the contact IDs and name of the contact recording file always match. By using Contact ID for your search on the Contact search page, you can find the correct recording by referring the audio file on the contact record.

When are recordings available?

When call recording is enabled, the recording is placed in your S3 bucket shortly after the contact is disconnected. Then you can review the recording.


You can also access the recording from the customer's contact record. The recording is available in the contact record, however, only after the contact has left the After Contact Work (ACW) state.

How to set up recording behavior

To view a sample flow with the Set recording behavior block configured, see Sample recording behavior.

To set up recording behavior in your flows

  1. Log in to your Amazon Connect instance using an account that has permissions to edit flows.

  2. On the navigation menu, choose Routing, Contact flows.

  3. Open the flow that handles customer contacts you want to monitor.

  4. In the flow, before the contact is connected to an agent, add a Set recording and analytics behavior block to the contact flow.

  5. To configure the Set recording and analytics behavior block, choose from the following:

    • To record voice conversations, choose what you want to record: Agent and Customer, Agent only, or Customer only.

    • To record chat conversations, you need to choose Agent and Customer.

    • To enable monitoring of voice and/or chat conversations, you need to choose Agent and Customer.

  6. Choose Save and then Publish to publish the updated flow.

To set up recording behavior for outbound calls

  1. Create a flow, using the outbound whisper flow type.

  2. Add a Set recording and analytics behavior block to that contact flow.

  3. Set up a queue that will be used for making outbound calls. In the Outbound whisper flow box, choose the flow that has Set recording and analytics behavior in it.

How to set up users to monitor conversations or review recordings

To learn what permissions managers need, and how they can monitor live conversations and review recordings of past conversations, see: