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Review recorded conversations

Managers can review past conversations between agents and customers. To set this up, you need to set up recording behavior, assign managers the appropriate permissions, and then show them how to access the recorded conversations.

When is a conversation recorded? A conversation is recorded only when the contact is connected to an agent. The contact is not recorded before then, when they are connected to the IVR. If the call is transferred externally, the call recording stops when the agent drops from the call.


When call recording is enabled, the recording is placed in your S3 bucket shortly after the contact is disconnected. Then the recording is available for you to review it using the steps in this article.

You can also access the recording from the customer's contact record. The recording is available in the contact record, however, only after the contact has left the After Contact Work (ACW) state.

How do I manage access to recordings? Use the Recorded conversations (unredacted) security profile permission to manage who can listen to recordings, and access the corresponding URLs that are generated in S3. For more information about this permission, see Assign permissions to review recordings of past conversations.

Review recordings/transcripts of past conversations

These are the steps that a manager does to review past recordings/transcripts of conversations.

  1. Log in to Amazon Connect with a user account that has permissions to access recordings.

  2. In Amazon Connect choose Analytics and optimization, Contact search.

  3. Filter the list of contacts by date, agent login, phone number, or other criteria. Choose Search.


    We recommend using the Contact ID filter to search for recordings. This is the best way to ensure you get the right recording for the contact. Many recordings have the same name as the contact ID, but not all.

  4. Conversations that were recorded have icons in the Recording/Transcript column. If you don't have the appropriate permissions, you won't see these icons.

  5. To listen to a recording of a voice conversation, or read the transcript of a chat, choose the Play icon.

  6. The following image shows a sample chat transcript.

Pause, rewind, or fast-forward a recording

  1. Instead of choosing the Play icon, choose the contact ID to open the contact record.

  2. On the Contact record page, there are more controls to navigate the recording.

    1. Click or tap to the time you want to investigate.

    2. Adjust the playing speed.

    3. Play, pause, skip backwards or forwards in 10 second increments.

Troubleshoot problems pausing, rewinding, or fast-forwarding

If you are unable to pause, rewind or fast-forward recordings on the Contact search page, one possible reason could be that your network is blocking HTTP range requests. See HTTP range requests on the MDN Web Docs site. Work with your network administrator to unblock HTTP range requests.