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Monitor live conversations

Managers and agents in training can monitor live conversations between agents and customers. To set this up, you need to add the Set recording behavior block to your voice/chat flow, assign managers and trainees the appropriate permissions, and then show them how to monitor the conversations.

Looking for how many people can monitor the same conversation at one time? See Amazon Connect feature specifications.

There is no limit to the number of conversations being monitored in an instance.

Set up live monitoring for voice and/or chat

  1. Add the Set recording and analytics behavior block to your flow. Do this to monitor calls, chats, or both.

    To enable monitoring of voice and/or chat conversations, in the block's properties choose Agent and Customer.

    For more information, see Set up recording behavior.

  2. Choose whether to record the conversations you monitor.

    Although you need to add the Set recording behavior block to your flow, you don't need to record voice and/or chat conversations for monitoring to work. By default when you set up your instance, Amazon S3 buckets are created to store call recordings and chat transcripts. The existence of these buckets enables call recording and chat transcripts at the instance level.

    To not record the calls or chats you're monitoring, disable the Amazon S3 buckets. For instructions, see Update instance settings.

Assign permissions to monitor live conversations

For managers to monitor live conversations, you assign them the CallCenterManager and Agent security profiles. To allow agent trainees to monitor live conversations, you may want to create a security profile specific for this purpose.

To assign a manager permissions to monitor a live conversation

  1. Go to Users, User management, choose the manager, and then choose Edit.

  2. In the Security Profiles box, assign the manager to the CallCenterManager security profile. This security profile also includes a setting that makes the icon to download recordings appear in the results of the Contact search page.

  3. Assign the manager to the Agent security profile so they can access the Contact Control Panel (CCP), and use it to monitor the conversation.

  4. Choose Save.

To create a new security profile for monitoring live conversations

  1. Choose Users, Security profiles.

  2. Choose Add new security profile.

  3. Expand Analytics and optimization, then choose Access metrics and Manager monitor.

    Access metrics is needed so they can access the real-time metrics report, which is where they choose which conversations to monitor.

  4. Expand Contact Control Panel, then choose Access Contact Control Panel and Make outbound calls.

    These permissions are needed so they can monitor the conversation through the Contact Control Panel.

  5. Choose Save.

Monitor live conversations with contacts


Call barge-in is not currently supported. That is, if you're listening to a conversation, your microphone stays muted.

  1. Check that the Set recording and analytics behavior block is in the flow you want to monitor. It has to be there whether you're monitoring calls or chats. In the block's Properties, choose Agent and Customer.

  2. Log in to your Amazon Connect instance with a user account that is assigned the CallCenterManager security profile, or that is enabled for the Manager monitor permission.

  3. Open the Contact Control Panel (CCP) by choosing the phone icon in the top-right corner of your screen. You'll need the CCP open to connect to the conversation.

  4. To choose the agent conversation you want to monitor, in Amazon Connect choose Analytics and optimization, Real-time metrics, Agents.

  5. To monitor voice conversations: Next to the names of agents in a live voice conversation, you'll see an eye icon. Choose the icon to start monitoring the conversation.

    When you're monitoring a conversation, the status in your CCP changes to Monitoring.

  6. To monitor chat conversations: For each agent you'll see the number of live chat conversations they're in. Click on the number. Then choose the conversation you want to start monitoring.

    When you're monitoring a conversation, the status in your CCP changes to Monitoring.

  7. To stop monitoring the conversation, in the CCP choose End call or End chat.

    When the agent ends the conversation, monitoring stops automatically.