Providing Data Products on AWS Data Exchange - AWS Data Exchange User Guide

Providing Data Products on AWS Data Exchange

Before you become a data product provider on AWS Data Exchange, review the following topics:

After you review these topics, you're ready to get started.

Getting Started as a Provider

These topics describe the end-to-end process of becoming a data product provider on AWS Data Exchange using the AWS Data Exchange console. The process has the following steps:

Confirm Your Eligibility

Before you can register, you must:

  • Be a permanent resident of, a citizen of, or a business entity organized or incorporated in the United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU), New Zealand (NZ), or a member state of the European Union (EU).

  • Have a verified US bank account and, where applicable, a valid VAT/GST registration.


There are no exceptions to these requirements.

Register to Be a Provider

To use AWS Data Exchange as a provider, you must be a registered seller on AWS Marketplace and be qualified by the AWS Data Exchange team. When you register an account as an AWS Marketplace seller, the account is the seller of record for your products and is used for reporting and disbursement. All products and their public offers are discoverable on AWS Data Exchange and AWS Marketplace.


You cannot change the AWS account you use to list a product on AWS Marketplace. Only data sets owned by that account can be included in products published by that account. Only AWS accounts that are registered to provide data products on AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange can publish products.

To register as a provider for AWS Data Exchange and AWS Marketplace

  1. From your web browser, open the AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

  2. Choose Sign Up as an AWS Marketplace Seller to open the registration wizard.

  3. Confirm your company or full name, and review the Terms and Conditions. If you agree to them, choose I have read and agree to these terms.

  4. On the Account Settings page, from the Provide tax and banking information tab, choose Start to complete the tax and banking wizard. This submits your tax and banking information in the AWS Marketplace Management Portal.


    We strongly recommend that you sign and submit the tax form electronically. Otherwise, you must print, complete the signature section, and mail a hard copy of the tax form to the address provided in the tax information interview. This delays the registration process.

  5. On the Account Settings page, choose Add to add a public profile. Your registration for the AWS Marketplace is now complete.


    While your tax and banking registration is pending, you cannot submit a public profile.

  6. In addition to being a registered AWS Marketplace seller, you must submit an AWS Data Exchange qualification request. Access the AWS Support Dashboard and create a case in the AWS Management Console. The AWS Data Exchange team will contact you to complete the qualification and registration process.

Confirm Eligibility of Your Data

You're limited to distributing data sets that meet the legal eligibility requirements set forth in the Terms and Conditions for AWS Marketplace Sellers. If a provider breach these terms in any way, the prohibited product is removed from AWS Data Exchange and the provider might be suspended from the service. For more information, see Publishing Guidelines.

If you have questions about the eligibility of your data set, access the AWS Support Dashboard and create a case in the AWS Management Console. After you've reviewed the publishing guidelines for data products on AWS Data Exchange, and you've confirmed that your data set can be listed, you create your product.

Create a Data Set

In the following procedure, you configure a data set, create a revision, add data assets, and prepare it for publishing in the AWS Data Exchange console. Data sets are dynamic and are versioned using revisions, with each revision containing at least one asset. For more information, see Working with Data Sets.

It's assumed you have already created files for your data sets and stored them as objects in Amazon S3 or on your local computer. AWS Data Exchange supports all file types.

To create a data set

  1. Open your web browser and go to the AWS Data Exchange console.

  2. In the left side navigation pane, from Publish data, choose Data sets.

  3. In Data sets, choose Create data set to open the wizard.

  4. Enter a name and description for your data set, and then choose Create. You can also add tags to your data sets. For more information, see Data Set Best Practices.

  5. Edit or deleted information about your data set, and then choose Create revision.

  6. Provide an optional comment for your revision that describes the purpose of the revision, and then choose Create. You can also add tags for your revision.

  7. Again, you can review, edit, or delete your changes from the previous step. After that, expand Import assets, and choose either from Amazon S3 or from your computer, depending on where the data assets for the data set are currently stored.

  8. This starts a job to import your asset into your data set. After the job is finished, the State field in the Jobs section is updated to Completed.

  9. If you have more data to add, choose Import assets to add assets to this revision.

  10. Review your revision and its assets. If it's complete, choose Finalize to stage it for publishing.

You have successfully finalized a revision for a data set. It's now ready to be published as a part of a product.

Publish a Product

After you've created at least one data set and finalized a revision with assets, you're ready to publish that data set as a part of a product. For more information, see Publishing Products. Make sure that you have all required details about your product and offer.

To publish a product

  1. Open your web browser and go to the AWS Data Exchange console.

  2. From the left navigation pane, expand Publish data, and choose Products dashboard.

  3. From Products, choose Publish new product to open the wizard.

  4. Enter information about your product, including name, logo, support contact, web address, categories, and descriptions. For more information, see Filling Out Product Details.

  5. Review your information, and then choose Next.

  6. Select the check box next to the data sets you want to add.


    The data sets you choose must have a finalized revision. Data sets without finalized revisions won't be added.

  7. Choose Add selected, and then scroll to Selected data sets.

  8. Review your data sets, and then choose Next.

  9. Configure your public offer. All AWS Data Exchange products require a public offer. Choose your price and subscription durations, U.S. sales tax settings, data subscription agreement, and refund policy. For more information, see Creating an Offer for AWS Data Exchange Products.

  10. (Optional) Set Subscription verification, which enables you to control who can subscribe to this product. For more information, see Subscription Verification for Providers.

  11. Review your product information before you publish.

  12. If you are sure you want sure to make the product and public offer visible and available to everyone, choose Publish.

  13. You've now completed the manual portion of publishing a data product with a public offer. AWS Data Exchange prepares and publishes your product. On the Product overview page, the status of your product is Publishing.

Unpublish a Product

After your product is published, it's available for all to find and subscribe to. Use the following procedure if you created a product for this getting started exercise or if you'd like to clean up your resources. You should also follow the steps in this procedure to remove a product from the publicly listed products on AWS Data Exchange.

Keep the following in mind when you unpublish a product:

  • You can unpublish a product whenever you want.

  • If you unpublish a product, it is no longer visible in the AWS Data Exchange catalog or on AWS Marketplace.

  • Subscribers with an active subscription maintain access to the data product until the term of their subscription expires.

  • Active subscriptions that expire after you have unpublished your product are not renewed, even if the subscriber has enabled auto-renewal.

  • Existing subscribers can still view the product details until their subscription expires.

To unpublish a product

  1. Open your web browser and go to the AWS Data Exchange console.

  2. From the left navigation pane, expand Publish data, and then choose Products dashboard.

  3. From Products, choose the product you want to remove. Make sure its status is Published.

  4. From Product overview, choose Unpublish, and then follow the instructions to unpublish the product.


    This action can't be undone.

After you complete these steps, your product's status is Unpublished. An unpublished product can't be published again, but you can create a new product (with a new product ID) that has the same data sets, product details, and offer details.

View Reports

AWS Data Exchange is integrated with AWS Marketplace, so you benefit from AWS Marketplace features, such as seller reports and the AWS Marketplace Commerce Analytics Service. For more information, see Provider Financials on AWS Marketplace.