Getting started as a subscriber - AWS Data Exchange User Guide

Getting started as a subscriber

The following topics describe the complete process of becoming a data product subscriber on AWS Data Exchange using the AWS Data Exchange console. The process has the following steps:

Step 1: Set up AWS Data Exchange

Before you can use AWS Data Exchange, you must sign up for AWS and create an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user. For more information, see Setting up AWS Data Exchange.

To set up AWS Data Exchange

  1. Sign up for an AWS account. For more information, see Sign up for AWS.

  2. Create an IAM user. For more information, see Create an IAM user.

Step 2: Subscribe to a product

You can subscribe to a product on AWS Data Exchange. For more information, see the following:

If you subscribe to a paid product, you are billed on your AWS bill. You get access to the entitled data set. For more information, see Subscribing to data products on AWS Data Exchange.