Product Subscriptions - AWS Data Exchange User Guide

Product Subscriptions

All AWS Data Exchange products are subscription-based. When you subscribe to a product, you agree to the product's offer terms, including the price, duration, data subscription agreement, and refund policy. When you subscribe to a product, you pay any associated charges upfront for the duration that you subscribed to.


The data subscription agreement (DSA) sets forth the provider’s terms and conditions for the data product. Use of any data product subscribed to on AWS Data Exchange must also be in compliance with the AWS Customer Agreement or other agreement governing your use of AWS services.

Each product's offer terms can contain one or more price and duration combinations. When you subscribe to a product, you can choose the duration of the subscription. You can also choose whether you would like to enable auto-renewal for that subscription.

After a subscription is processed and active, it appears on your AWS bill as part of your AWS Marketplace charges. For more information, see AWS Marketplace Paying for Products.

During the duration of your subscription, you can view and access all the product's data sets. You can also export the data sets' assets in jobs. For more information, see Jobs. Once a subscription has expired, you can no longer view or export the data sets.


When you subscribe to a product, you can access all of the data set revisions published to that product, regardless of when they were published.

A product subscription gives you access to all the data set's revisions that have been published to the product you are subscribed to. If a provider decides to unpublish a product, you still have access to the data sets as long as your subscription is active. However, you cannot auto-renew the subscription when it expires.

You can view all of your active product subscriptions and auto-renewal status on the Subscriptions page of the AWS Data Exchange console. Visit the Entitled data sets page to find and access all of your entitiled data sets in a specific AWS region, based on your active subscriptions.


If you enable auto-renew, and the product's offer terms have changed at the time of renewal, then the new product offer terms (including new price and new DSA) apply. This ensures that you keep access to the data regardless of potential offer terms changes.

When you subscribe to a data product, we might share your contact information with the provider. For more information, see What Information Do You Share with the Software Seller about the Customers of a Product?.