Subscribing to data products on AWS Data Exchange - AWS Data Exchange User Guide

Subscribing to data products on AWS Data Exchange

Before you subscribe to a product on AWS Data Exchange, review the following topics to understand how to be a subscriber and how to get set up to use AWS and AWS Data Exchange:


When subscribing to data products from some non-US sellers, you might also receive a tax invoice from the seller. For more information, see Tax Help - AWS Marketplace Sellers.

Getting started as a subscriber

AWS Data Exchange Heartbeat is a free product offered by AWS Data Exchange that you can use to subscribe to product. You can also use it for testing and to familiarize yourself with how to use AWS Data Exchange and its concepts. For more information, see What Is AWS Data Exchange Heartbeat?

Subscribe to AWS Data Exchange Heartbeat on AWS Data Exchange

Use this procedure to browse the AWS Data Exchange catalog to find listings of data sets.

To find and subscribe to AWS Data Exchange Heartbeat

  1. Open the AWS Data Exchange console.

  2. From the left navigation pane, choose Browse catalog.

  3. From the search bar, type AWS Data Exchange Heartbeat and press Enter. Choose the product to view its details page.

    The information on the details page includes a product description, the provider's contact information, and the details of the product's public offer. The public offer information includes price and durations, the data subscription agreement, and the refund policy. You can also view the names of the data sets included in the product and the AWS Regions in which they are available.

    If the provider has issued a custom offer to your account (for example, a private offer or BYOS offer), you see those details, too.

  4. In the top right corner, choose Continue to Subscribe. From here, you can choose your preferred price and duration combination, choose whether to enable auto-renewal for the subscription, and review the offer details, including the data subscription agreement.


    AWS Data Exchange Heartbeat doesn't require subscription verification, but some products do. For more information, see Subscription verification for subscribers.

  5. Review the pricing information, choose the pricing offer, and then choose Subscribe.


    AWS Data Exchange Heartbeat is a free product. If you subscribe to a paid product, you are prompted to confirm your decision to subscribe.

    It might take several minutes for the subscription to be processed. Then, you should see it on your Subscriptions page.

  6. After you subscription is active, you can now access the data sets for AWS Data Exchange Heartbeat.

  7. To view your subscriptions, from the left navigation pane, choose Subscriptions, and then choose AWS Data Exchange Heartbeat (Test product). The data sets that are part of the product are displayed. You can enable or disable auto-renewal for your subscription on this page.

  8. When you choose the AWS Data Exchange Heartbeat data set, you can view the data set's ID, name, and description. For more information, see Working with data sets.

  9. On the Revisions tab, you can view the data set's revisions, from latest to oldest. To view the details of a revision, choose its revision ID.

    The revision's details include its assets, displayed in a table. To export one or more assets, select the check boxes, and then choose Export to Amazon S3 or Download.


We recommend that you consider Amazon S3 security features when exporting data to Amazon S3. See Security best practices for Amazon S3 for general guidelines and best practices.