Subscribing to data products on AWS Data Exchange - AWS Data Exchange User Guide

Subscribing to data products on AWS Data Exchange

At a high level, this is how to subscribe to data products available through AWS Marketplace:

  1. Create an AWS account – You must sign up for AWS and create a user before you can subscribe to data products. For more information, see Setting up AWS Data Exchange.

  2. Browse the public catalog – Products are published to the AWS Marketplace catalog. You can find products and review the associated public or custom offers and product details. If the provider has issued a private offer to your account, the product is available on the My product offers page of the AWS Data Exchange console.

  3. (Optional) Submit a request for a subscription – The provider can choose to enable subscription verification. If they do so, you must request a subscription to the product. For more information, see Subscription verification for subscribers.

  4. Subscriber subscribes to the product – If you subscribe to a paid product, you are billed on your AWS bill. You get access to the entitled data set.

  5. Uses the included data sets – You have access to the product data sets according to the terms of the data subscription agreement. You can take any of the following actions depending on the type of data set you have access to:

    • Export the associated files to your Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) or locally through a signed URL.

    • Call the Amazon API Gateway API.

    • Query the Amazon Redshift data share.

    • Access the provider's Amazon S3 data.

    • Query the provider's AWS Lake Formation data lake (Preview).

    For more information, see Jobs in AWS Data Exchange.

  6. Request a data product recommendation – If you are not able to find a product in the catalog, you can use the Request data product page in the AWS Data Exchange console to request personalized recommendations from the AWS Data Exchange Data Discovery Team. For more information, see Request a recommendation for a data product.


When subscribing to data products from some non-US sellers, you might also receive a tax invoice from the seller. For more information, see Tax Help - AWS Marketplace Sellers.