TaskScheduleDetails - AWS DataSync


Provides information about your AWS DataSync task schedule.



Indicates how your task schedule was disabled.

  • USER - Your schedule was manually disabled by using the UpdateTask operation or DataSync console.

  • SERVICE - Your schedule was automatically disabled by DataSync because the task failed repeatedly with the same error.

Type: String

Valid Values: USER | SERVICE

Required: No


Provides a reason if the task schedule is disabled.

If your schedule is disabled by USER, you see a Manually disabled by user. message.

If your schedule is disabled by SERVICE, you see an error message to help you understand why the task keeps failing. For information on resolving DataSync errors, see Troubleshooting issues with DataSync transfers.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Maximum length of 8192.

Pattern: ^[\w\s.,'?!:;\/=|<>()-]*$

Required: No


Indicates the last time the status of your task schedule changed. For example, if DataSync automatically disables your schedule because of a repeated error, you can see when the schedule was disabled.

Type: Timestamp

Required: No

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