AWS DataSync Quotas - AWS DataSync

AWS DataSync Quotas

Following, you can find information on AWS DataSync resources and their quotas.

Quotas for Tasks

Following are the quotas on tasks for each customer account in an AWS Region.

Resource Quota

Maximum number of tasks you can create in account per AWS Region


Maximum number of files per task

50 million


For tasks that transfer more than 20 million files, make sure that you allocate a minimum of 64 GB of RAM to the VM. For minimum resource requirements for DataSync, see Virtual Machine Requirements.

Maximum throughput per task

10 Gbps


You can make a request for these quotas to be increased.

You can take the following steps to request an increase for these quotas. These increases are not granted right away, so it might take a couple of days for your increase to take effect.

To request a quotas increase

  1. Open the AWS Support Center page, sign in if necessary, and then choose Create Case.

  2. For Regarding, choose Service Limit Increase.

  3. For Limit Type, choose the type of quotas to increase, fill in the necessary fields in the form, and then choose your preferred method of contact.

Quotas for Task Executions

Following are the quotas on tasks executions for each customer account in an AWS Region.

Resource Quota

Number of days task execution history is retained


Quotas for DataSync Filters

Following are the quotas on DataSync filters per task or task execution.

Filter Quota

Maximum number of characters in a filter string