Inspect and Manage Your AWS DeepRacer Vehicle Settings - AWS DeepRacer

Inspect and Manage Your AWS DeepRacer Vehicle Settings

After the initial setup, you can use the AWS DeepRacer device control console to manage your vehicle's settings. The tasks include the following:

  • choosing another Wi-Fi network,

  • resetting the device console password,

  • enabling or disabling the device SSH settings,

  • configuring the vehicle's trail light LED color,

  • inspecting the device software and hardware versions,

  • checking the vehicle battery level.

The procedure below walks you through these tasks.

To inspect and manage your vehicle's settings

  1. With your AWS DeepRacer vehicle connected to the Wi-Fi network, follow the instructions to sign in to the vehicle's device control console.

  2. Choose Settings from the main navigation pane.

  3. On the Settings page, perform one or more of the following tasks of your choosing.

                        Image: Device settings page.
    1. To choose another Wi-Fi network, choose Edit for Network settings and then follow the steps below.

      1. Follow the instructions, shown on Edit network settings, to connect your vehicle to your computer using the USB-to-USB-C cable. After the USB connection status becomes Connected, choose the Go to button to open the device console login page.

                                        Image: Go to the device console login page.
      2. On the device console login page, type the password printed on the bottom of your vehicle and then choose Access vehicle.

      3. Under Wi-Fi network details, choose a Wi-Fi network from the drop-down list, type the password of the chosen network, and then choose Connect.

                                        Image: Choose a new Wi-Fi network to connect
      4. After the Vehicle status for the Wi-Fi connection becomes Connected, choose Next to return to the Settings page of the device console, where you'll see a new IP address of the vehicle.

    2. To reset the password for signing in to the device console, choose Edit for Device console password and then follow the steps below.

      1. On Edit device console password page, type a new password in New password.

      2. Retype the new password in Confirm password to confirm your intention for the change. The password value must be the same before you can move on.

      3. Choose Change password to complete the task. This option is activated only if you have entered and confirmed a valid password value in the steps above.

                                        Image: Change device console password.
    3. To enable or disable SSH connection to the vehicle, choose Edit for Device SSH and then choose Enable or Disable.

                                Image: Enable device SSH.

  4. To change the vehicle's trail light LED color to distinguish your vehicle on a track, choose Edit for LED color on the Settings page and do the following.

    1. Choose an available color from the Select the color of the LEDs drop-down list on the Edit LED color page.

                                Image: Enable device SSH.

      You should choose a color that can help identify your vehicle from other vehicles sharing the track at the same time.

    2. Choose Save changes to complete the task.

      The Save changes functionality becomes active only after you have chosen a color.

  5. To inspect the device software and hardware versions and to find out the system and camera configurations, check the About section under Settings.

  6. To inspect the vehicle battery's charge level, check the lower part of the primary navigation pane.