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Join an AWS DeepRacer Race

After successfully training and evaluating your model in simulation, compare your model's performance to other racers' models by participating in a race. Racing is a fun way to get feedback about your model, win awards and prizes, meet other AWS DeepRacer community members, hear about opportunities to learn and improve your skills, and have fun.

Races can be in-person or online (virtual) and virtual races can be formatted synchronously as LIVE races or asynchronously as classic races. LIVE and classic virtual races can be broadcast privately or publicly.

This section discusses how to participate in an AWS DeepRacer League Virtual Circuit race or a community-based virtual race and your different options for formatting.

AWS DeepRacer Racing Event Types

An event can be categorized by its sponsor or organizer. Both AWS DeepRacer League and community racing events can take place in person on a physical track or online on a virtual track.

  • AWS-sponsored racing events – Racing events sponsored by AWS are referred to as AWS DeepRacer League events and are open for any AWS DeepRacer users. Beginning racers start their journey in the Open League. Once an Open Division racer has placed in the top ten on the leaderboard during one of the monthly AWS DeepRacer League racers, they move on the Pro Division.

  • Community-sponsored racing events – Racing events created by AWS DeepRacer users are called community racing events.

Joining an Online AWS-sponsored or Community-Sponsored Race

You can use the AWS DeepRacer console to enter an AWS DeepRacer League Virtual Circuit event or a community-based online race.

  • Any AWS DeepRacer user can join any AWS DeepRacer League Virtual Circuit open online races in their racing division.

  • Only invited users can access or participate in community racing virtual events. Users are invited when they receive an invitation link sent by the race organizer or forwarded by another race participant.