AWS DeepRacer vehicle LED indicators - AWS DeepRacer

AWS DeepRacer vehicle LED indicators

Your AWS DeepRacer vehicle has two sets of LED indicators for the vehicle status and for customizable visual identification of your vehicle, respectively.

Image: AWS DeepRacer vehicle LED indicators.

The details are discussed as follows.

AWS DeepRacer vehicle system LED indicators

The AWS DeepRacer vehicle system LED indicators are located on the left side of the vehicle chassis when the vehicle is in the forward position in front of you.

The three system LEDs are positioned after the RESET button. The first LED (on the left side of your field of view) shows the status of the system power. The second (middle) LED is reserved for future use. The last (right) LED shows the status of the Wi-Fi connection.

LED type Color Status
Power Off There is no power supply.
Blinking yellow BIOS and OS are being loaded.
Steady yellow OS is loaded.
Steady blue An application is running.
Blinking blue A software update is in progress.
Steady red An error is encountered while the system is being booted or an application is being started.
Wi-Fi Off There is no Wi-Fi connection.
Blinking blue The vehicle is connecting to the Wi-Fi network.
Steady red for 2 seconds and then off The Wi-Fi connection failed.
Steady blue The Wi-Fi connection is established.

AWS DeepRacer vehicle identification LEDs

The AWS DeepRacer vehicle custom LEDs are located at the tail of the vehicle. They're used to help identifying your vehicle in races when multiple vehicles are present. You can use the AWS DeepRacer device console to set them a supported color of your choosing.