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Monitor accounts across your organization

If you choose to monitor applications across your organization, log into your organization management account. You can optionally set up an organization member account as a delegated administrator. You can only have one delegated administrator at a time and can modify the administrator settings later. Both the management account and the delegated administrator account that you set up have access to all insights across all accounts in your organization.

You can either add cross account support for your organization using the Console, or you can do so by using the AWS CLI.

Onboard with the DevOps Guru Console

You can use the Console to add support for accounts across your organization.

Use the Console to enable DevOps Guru to view aggregated insights
  1. Open the Amazon DevOps Guru console at

  2. Choose Monitor applications across your organizations as the setup type.

  3. Choose which account you'd like to use as your delegated administrator. Then, choose Register delegated administrator. This provides access to a consolidated view for any account that has DevOps Guru enabled. The delegated administrator has a consolidated view of all DevOps Guru insights and metrics across your organization. You can enable other accounts with SSM quick setup or AWS CloudFormation stack sets. To learn more about quick setup, see Configure DevOps Guru with Quick Setup. To learn more about setting up with stack sets, see Working with stacks in the AWS CloudFormation User Guide, and Step 2 – Determine coverage for DevOps Guru. and Using AWS CloudFormation stacks to identify resources in your DevOps Guru applications.

Onboard with the AWS CLI

You can use the AWS CLI to enable DevOps Guru to view aggregated insights. Run the following commands.

aws iam create-service-linked-role --aws-service-name --description "My service-linked role to support DevOps Guru" aws organizations enable-aws-service-access --service-principal aws organizations register-delegated-administrator --account-id >ACCOUNT_ID< --service-principal

The following table describes the commands.

Command Description


Gives DevOps Guru permission to gather information about your organization. Don't proceed if this step is not successful.


Onboards your organization to DevOps Guru.


Gives access to the member account to view insights.