Working with hosts - Developer Tools console

Working with hosts

If you want to create a connection to an installed provider type, such as GitHub Enterprise Server, you first create a host using the AWS Management Console. A host is a resource that you create to represent the infrastructure where your provider is installed.

For example, you create a host for your connection so that the third-party app for your provider can be registered to represent your infrastructure. You create one host for a provider type, and then all of your connections to that provider type use that host.

When you create a host, the console provides a wizard you can use to initialize the host and provision network components or virtual private cloud (VPC) configuration, if applicable. The console provides a second wizard that you use to register the AWS CodeStar app with your third-party provider and associate it with your new host.

After you have a host, you can create connections. For more information, see Working with connections.