Step 1: Create your Amazon EFS file system - Amazon Elastic File System

Step 1: Create your Amazon EFS file system

In this step, use the Amazon EFS console to create an Amazon EFS file system that has the service recommended settings.

If you want to create a file system with a customized configuration, see Creating a file system with custom settings by using the Amazon EFS console.

To create your Amazon EFS file system
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon EFS console at

  2. Choose Create file system to open the Create file system dialog box.

            Create file system diaolog box showing the optional file system name and default
              VPC, with the Customize and Create
  3. (Optional) Enter a Name for your file system.

  4. For Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), choose your VPC, or keep it set to your default VPC.

  5. Choose Create to create a file system that uses the following service recommended settings:

    After you create the file system, you can customize the file system's settings with the exception of availability and durability, encryption, and performance mode.

    The File systems page appears with a banner across the top showing the status of the file system you created. A link to access the file system details page appears in the banner when the file system becomes available.

            File systems page showing the newly created file system and
              its configuration details.

    For more information about file system status, see File system status.