AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Developer Guide (API Version 2010-12-01)

Install Python, pip, and the EB CLI on Windows

The Python Software Foundation provides installers for Windows that include pip.

To install Python 3.6 and pip (Windows)

  1. Download the Python 3.6 Windows x86-64 executable installer from the downloads page of

  2. Run the installer.

  3. Choose Add Python 3.6 to PATH.

  4. Choose Install Now.

The installer installs Python in your user folder and adds its executable directories to your user path.

To install the AWS CLI with pip (Windows)

  1. Open the Windows Command Processor from the Start menu.

  2. Verify that Python and pip are both installed correctly with the following commands:

    C:\Windows\System32> python --version
    Python 3.6.2
    C:\Windows\System32> pip --version
    pip 9.0.1 from c:\users\myname\appdata\local\programs\python\python36\lib\site-packages (python 3.6)
  3. Install the EB CLI using pip:

    C:\Windows\System32> pip install awsebcli --upgrade --user
    Collecting awsebcli
      Downloading awsebcli-3.2.2.tar.gz (828kB)
    Collecting pyyaml>=3.11 (from awsebcli)
      Downloading PyYAML-3.11.tar.gz (248kB)
    Collecting cement==2.4 (from awsebcli)
      Downloading cement-2.4.0.tar.gz (129kB)
    Collecting python-dateutil<3.0.0,>=2.1 (from awsebcli)
      Downloading python_dateutil-2.4.2-py2.py3-none-any.whl (188kB)
    Collecting jmespath>=0.6.1 (from awsebcli)
      Downloading jmespath-0.6.2.tar.gz
    Collecting six>=1.5 (from python-dateutil<3.0.0,>=2.1->awsebcli)
      Downloading six-1.9.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl
    Installing collected packages: six, jmespath, python-dateutil, cement, pyyaml, awsebcli
      Running install for jmespath
      Running install for cement
      Running install for pyyaml
        checking if libyaml is compilable
        Microsoft Visual C++ 10.0 is required (Unable to find vcvarsall.bat).
        skipping build_ext
      Running install for awsebcli
        Installing script to C:\Python34\Scripts
        Installing eb.exe script to C:\Python34\Scripts
        Installing eb.exe.manifest script to C:\Python34\Scripts
    Successfully installed awsebcli-3.2.2 cement-2.4.0 jmespath-0.6.2 python-dateutil-2.4.2 pyyaml-3.11 six-1.9.0
  4. Add the following to the PATH environment variable: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\roaming\Python\Python36\scripts. The location may differ depending on whether you install Python for one user or all users.

  5. Restart a new command shell for the new PATH variable to take effect.

  6. Verify that the EB CLI is installed correctly:

    C:\Windows\System32> eb --version
    EB CLI 3.2.2 (Python 3.4.3)

To upgrade to the latest version, run the installation command again:

C:\Windows\System32> pip install awsebcli --upgrade --user