eb logs - AWS Elastic Beanstalk

eb logs


The eb logs command has two distinct purposes: to enable or disable log streaming to CloudWatch Logs, and to retrieve instance logs or CloudWatch Logs logs. With the --cloudwatch-logs (-cw) option, the command enables or disables log streaming. Without this option, it retrieves logs.

When retrieving logs, specify the --all, --zip, or --stream option to retrieve complete logs. If you don't specify any of these options, Elastic Beanstalk retrieves tail logs.

The command processes logs for the specified or default environment. Relevant logs vary by container type. If the root directory contains a platform.yaml file specifying a custom platform, this command also processes logs for the builder environment.

For more information, see Using Elastic Beanstalk with Amazon CloudWatch Logs.


To enable or disable log streaming to CloudWatch Logs:

eb logs --cloudwatch-logs [enable | disable] [--cloudwatch-log-source instance | environment-health | all] [environment-name]

To retrieve instance logs:

eb logs [-all | --zip | --stream] [--cloudwatch-log-source instance] [--instance instance-id] [--log-group log-group] [environment-name]

To retrieve environment health logs:

eb logs [-all | --zip | --stream] --cloudwatch-log-source environment-health [environment-name]




-cw [enable | disable]


--cloudwatch-logs [enable | disable]

Enables or disables log streaming to CloudWatch Logs. If no argument is supplied, log streaming is enabled. If the --cloudwatch-log-source (-cls) option isn't specified in addition, instance log streaming is enabled or disabled.

-cls instance | environment-health | all


--cloudwatch-log-source instance | environment-health | all

Specifies the source of logs when working with CloudWatch Logs. With the enable or disable form of the command, these are the logs for which to enable or disable CloudWatch Logs streaming. With the retrieval form of the command, these are the logs to retrieve from CloudWatch Logs.

Valid values:

  • With --cloudwatch-logs (enable or disable) – instance | environment-health | all

  • Without --cloudwatch-logs (retrieve) – instance | environment-health

Value meanings:

  • instance (default) – Instance logs

  • environment-health – Environment health logs (supported only when enhanced health is enabled in the environment)

  • all – Both log sources




Retrieves complete logs and saves them to the .elasticbeanstalk/logs directory.




Retrieves complete logs, compresses them into a .zip file, and then saves the file to the .elasticbeanstalk/logs directory.


Streams (continuously outputs) complete logs. With this option, the command keeps running until you interrupt it (press Ctrl+C).

-i instance-id


--instance instance-id

Retrieves logs for the specified instance only.

-g log-group


--log-group log-group

Specifies the CloudWatch Logs log group from which to retrieve logs. The option is valid only when instance log streaming to CloudWatch Logs is enabled.

If instance log streaming is enabled, and you don't specify the --log-group option, the default log group is one of the following:

  • Linux platforms – /aws/elasticbeanstalk/environment-name/var/log/eb-activity.log

  • Windows platforms – /aws/elasticbeanstalk/environment-name/EBDeploy-Log

For information about the log group corresponding to each log file, see How Elastic Beanstalk sets up CloudWatch Logs.

Common options


By default, displays the logs directly in the terminal. Uses a paging program to display the output. Press Q or q to exit.

With --stream, shows existing logs in the terminal and keeps running. Press Ctrl+C to exit.

With --all and --zip, saves the logs to local files and displays the file location.


The following example enables instance log streaming to CloudWatch Logs.

$ eb logs -cw enable Enabling instance log streaming to CloudWatch for your environment After the environment is updated you can view your logs by following the link: https://console.aws.amazon.com/cloudwatch/home?region=us-east-1#logs:prefix=/aws/elasticbeanstalk/environment-name/ Printing Status: 2018-07-11 21:05:20 INFO: Environment update is starting. 2018-07-11 21:05:27 INFO: Updating environment environment-name's configuration settings. 2018-07-11 21:06:45 INFO: Successfully deployed new configuration to environment.

The following example retrieves instance logs into a .zip file.

$ eb logs --zip Retrieving logs... Logs were saved to /home/workspace/environment/.elasticbeanstalk/logs/150622_173444.zip