Building executable on-server with a Buildfile - AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Building executable on-server with a Buildfile

To specify a custom build and configuration command for your Go application, include a file called Buildfile at the root of your source bundle. The file name is case sensitive. Use the following format for the Buildfile:

<process_name>: <command>

The command in your Buildfile must match the following regular expression: ^[A-Za-z0-9_]+:\s*.+$.

Elastic Beanstalk doesn't monitor the application that is run with a Buildfile. Use a Buildfile for commands that run for short periods and terminate after completing their tasks. For long-running application processes that should not exit, use the Procfile instead.

In the following example of a Buildfile, is a shell script that is located at the root of the source bundle:

make: ./

All paths in the Buildfile are relative to the root of the source bundle. If you know in advance where the files reside on the instance, you can include absolute paths in the Buildfile.