Limit - Elastic Load Balancing


Information about an Elastic Load Balancing resource limit for your AWS account.

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The maximum value of the limit.

Type: String

Required: No


The name of the limit. The possible values are:

  • application-load-balancers

  • condition-values-per-alb-rule

  • condition-wildcards-per-alb-rule

  • gateway-load-balancers

  • gateway-load-balancers-per-vpc

  • geneve-target-groups

  • listeners-per-application-load-balancer

  • listeners-per-network-load-balancer

  • network-load-balancers

  • rules-per-application-load-balancer

  • target-groups

  • target-groups-per-action-on-application-load-balancer

  • target-groups-per-action-on-network-load-balancer

  • target-groups-per-application-load-balancer

  • targets-per-application-load-balancer

  • targets-per-availability-zone-per-gateway-load-balancer

  • targets-per-availability-zone-per-network-load-balancer

  • targets-per-network-load-balancer

Type: String

Required: No

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