Elastic Load Balancing
Application Load Balancers

Limits for Your Application Load Balancers

To view the current limits for your Application Load Balancers, use the Limits page of the Amazon EC2 console or the describe-account-limits (AWS CLI) command. To request a limit increase, use the Elastic Load Balancing Limits form.

Your AWS account has the following limits related to Application Load Balancers.

Regional Limits

  • Load balancers per region: 20 *

  • Target groups per region: 3000

Load Balancer Limits

  • Listeners per load balancer: 50

  • Targets per load balancer: 1000

  • Subnets per Availability Zone per load balancer: 1

  • Security groups per load balancer: 5

  • Rules per load balancer (not counting default rules): 100

  • Certificates per load balancer (not counting default certificates): 25

  • Number of times a target can be registered per load balancer: 100

Target Group Limits

  • Load balancers per target group: 1

  • Targets per target group: 1000

Rule Limits

  • Conditions per rule: 2 (one host condition, one path condition)

  • Actions per rule: 1

  • Target groups per action: 1

* This limit includes both your Application Load Balancers and your Classic Load Balancers.