How to select a base image URI - Amazon EMR

How to select a base image URI

The base Docker images you can select are stored in Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR). The image URI follows this format:, as the following example demonstrates.

The image URI for managed endpoints follows this format:, as the following example demonstrates. You need to use notebook-spark in the base image URI, instead of spark.

Similarly, for non-Spark python3 images for managed endpoints, the image URI is The following is a correctly-formatted example URI.

Use the information in the following table to select a container image tag for your base image.

Releases Amazon EMR on EKS release versions Container image tags
Amazon EMR 6.8.0 releases emr-6.8.0-latest emr-6.8.0:latest
emr-6.8.0-20220802 emr-6.8.0:20220802
Amazon EMR 6.7.0 releases emr-6.7.0-latest emr-6.7.0:latest
emr-6.7.0-20220630 emr-6.7.0:20220630
Amazon EMR 6.6.0 releases emr-6.6.0-latest emr-6.6.0:latest
emr-6.6.0-20220411 emr-6.6.0:20220411
Amazon EMR 6.5.0 releases emr-6.5.0-latest emr-6.5.0:latest
emr-6.5.0-20220802 emr-6.5.0:20220802
emr-6.5.0-20211119 emr-6.5.0:20211119
Amazon EMR 6.4.0 releases emr-6.4.0-latest emr-6.4.0:latest
emr-6.4.0-20210830 emr-6.4.0:20210830
Amazon EMR 6.3.0 releases emr-6.3.0-latest emr-6.3.0:latest
emr-6.3.0-20220802 emr-6.3.0:20220802
emr-6.3.0-20211008 emr-6.3.0:20211008
emr-6.3.0-20210802 emr-6.3.0:20210802
emr-6.3.0-20210429 emr-6.3.0:20210429
Amazon EMR 6.2.0 releases emr-6.2.0-latest emr-6.2.0:latest
emr-6.2.0-20220802 emr-6.2.0:20220802
emr-6.2.0-20211008 emr-6.2.0:20211008
emr-6.2.0-20210802 emr-6.2.0:20210802
emr-6.2.0-20210615 emr-6.2.0:20210615
emr-6.2.0-20210129 emr-6.2.0-20210129
emr-6.2.0-20201218 emr-6.2.0-20201218
emr-6.2.0-20201201 emr-6.2.0-20201201
Amazon EMR 5.35.0 releases emr-5.35.0-latest emr-5.35.0:latest
emr-5.35.0-20220802 emr-5.35.0:20220802
Amazon EMR 5.34.0 releases emr-5.34.0-latest emr-5.34.0:latest
emr-5.34.0-20220802 emr-5.34.0:20220802
emr-5.34.0-20211208 emr-5.34.0:20211208
Amazon EMR 5.33.0 releases emr-5.33.0-latest emr-5.33.0:latest
emr-5.33.0-20220802 emr-5.33.0:20220802
emr-5.33.0-20211008 emr-5.33.0:20211008
emr-5.33.0-20210802 emr-5.33.0:20210802
emr-5.33.0-20210615 emr-5.33.0:20210615
emr-5.33.0-20210323 emr-5.33.0-20210323
Amazon EMR 5.32.0 releases emr-5.32.0-latest emr-5.32.0:latest
emr-5.32.0-20220802 emr-5.32.0:20220802
emr-5.32.0-20211008 emr-5.32.0:20211008
emr-5.32.0-20210802 emr-5.32.0:20210802
emr-5.32.0-20210615 emr-5.32.0:20210615
emr-5.32.0-20210129 emr-5.32.0-20210129
emr-5.32.0-20201218 emr-5.32.0-20201218
emr-5.32.0-20201201 emr-5.32.0-20201201

To avoid high network latency, you should pull a base image from your closest AWS Region. Select the Amazon ECR registry account corresponding to the Region you are pulling the image from based on the following table.

Regions Amazon ECR registry accounts
ap-northeast-1 059004520145
ap-northeast-2 996579266876
ap-south-1 235914868574
ap-southeast-1 671219180197
ap-southeast-2 038297999601
ca-central-1 351826393999
eu-central-1 107292555468
eu-north-1 830386416364
eu-west-1 483788554619
eu-west-2 118780647275
eu-west-3 307523725174
sa-east-1 052806832358
us-east-1 755674844232
us-east-2 711395599931
us-west-1 608033475327
us-west-2 895885662937