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Amazon EMR on EKS release versions

An Amazon EMR release is a set of open-source applications from the big data ecosystem. Each release comprises different big data applications, components, and features that you select to have Amazon EMR on EKS deploy and configure when you run your job.

Beginning with Amazon EMR versions 5.32.0 and 6.2.0, you can deploy Amazon EMR on EKS. This deployment option is not available with earlier Amazon EMR release versions. You must specify a supported release version when you submit your job.

Amazon EMR on EKS uses the following form of release label: emr-x.x.x-latest or emr-x.x.x-yyyymmdd with a specific release date. For example, emr-6.2.0-latest or emr-6.2.0-20210129. Using -latest ensures that your Amazon EMR version always includes the latest security updates.


For a comparison between Amazon EMR on EKS and Amazon EMR running on EC2, see Amazon EMR FAQs.