Amazon EMR 6.6.0 releases - Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR 6.6.0 releases

The following Amazon EMR 6.6.0 releases are available for Amazon EMR on EKS:

Release notes for Amazon EMR 6.6.0

  • Supported applications ‐ Spark 3.2.0-amzn-0, Jupyter Enterprise Gateway (endpoints, public preview), Hudi 0.10.1-amzn-0, Iceberg 0.13.1.

  • Supported components ‐ aws-hm-client (Glue connector), aws-sagemaker-spark-sdk, emr-s3-select, emrfs, emr-ddb, hudi-spark.

  • Supported configuration classifications:

    Classifications Descriptions


    Change values in Hadoop’s core-site.xml file.


    Change EMRFS settings.


    Change values in Spark's file.


    Change values in Spark's spark-defaults.conf file.


    Change values in the Spark environment.


    Change values in Spark's hive-site.xml file.


    Change values in Spark's file.

    Configuration classifications allow you to customize applications. These often correspond to a configuration XML file for the application, such as spark-hive-site.xml. For more information, see Configuring Applications.

Known Issues

  • Spark pod template functionality with managed endpoints is not working in EMR on EKS release 6.4, 6.5, and 6.6.

Resolved issue

  • Managed endpoint logs are uploaded to Cloudwatch and S3.