Installing the Nitro Enclaves CLI on Windows - AWS

Installing the Nitro Enclaves CLI on Windows

The AWS Nitro Enclaves CLI is packaged together with all of the components that are required to run Nitro Enclaves on a Windows parent instance. The package includes kernel drivers for the Enclave and vsock devices, a service provider interface for Winsock to support vsock sockets, the vsock-proxy, and the AWS Nitro Enclaves CLI.

The following instructions are for installing and uninstalling the AWS Nitro Enclaves CLI on or from a parent instance running Windows.


You may get the following error when you install, uninstall, or update the Nitro CLI: Installation failed with code 3010. This message indicates that a reboot is required to complete the installation. This error is likely caused by a component in use, such as a running enclave or a vsock-proxy process. To complete the installation, shut down all applications running on the instance and reboot it.

Install AWS Nitro Enclaves CLI

To use the Nitro Enclaves on your parent instance, you must install the AWSNitroEnclavesWindows package using AWS Systems Manager Distributor.

Before you can install a package using the AWS Systems Manager Distributor, you must first complete the Distributor prerequisites.

After you have completed the prerequisites, install the AWSNitroEnclavesWindows package. For more information, see one of the following in the AWS Systems Manager User Guide:

You must reload the path environment variable from the updated environment in any PowerShell or command prompt already open on the instance. When you open a new PowerShell or command prompt, Windows automatically updates the path variable.

Uninstall AWS Nitro Enclaves CLI

If you no longer need to use Nitro Enclaves, you can remove the AWS Nitro Enclaves CLI from the parent instance by uninstalling the AWSNitroEnclavesWindows package using the AWS Systems Manager Distributor. For more information see Uninstall a package in the AWS Systems Manager User Guide.

Alternatively, you can uninstall the AWS Nitro Enclaves CLI using Programs and Features, which can be accessed using the Windows Control Panel.