Monitor AWS FIS usage metrics using Amazon CloudWatch - AWS Fault Injection Service

Monitor AWS FIS usage metrics using Amazon CloudWatch

You can use Amazon CloudWatch to monitor the impact of AWS FIS experiments on targets. You can also monitor your AWS FIS usage.

For more information about viewing the state of an experiment, see View your experiments.

Monitor AWS FIS experiments

As you plan your AWS FIS experiments, identify the CloudWatch metrics that you can use to identify the baseline or "steady state" for the target resource types for the experiment. After you start an experiment, you can monitor those CloudWatch metrics for the targets selected through the experiment template.

For more information about the available CloudWatch metrics for a target resource type supported by AWS FIS, see the following:

AWS FIS usage metrics

You can use CloudWatch usage metrics to provide visibility into your account's usage of resources. Use these metrics to visualize your current service usage on CloudWatch graphs and dashboards.

AWS FIS usage metrics correspond to AWS service quotas. You can configure alarms that alert you when your usage approaches a service quota. For more information about CloudWatch alarms, see the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide.

AWS FIS publishes the following metric in the AWS/Usage namespace.

Metric Description
ResourceCount The total number of the specified resource running on your account. The resource is defined by the dimensions associated with the metric.

The following dimensions are used to refine the usage metrics that are published by AWS FIS.

Dimension Description
Service The name of the AWS service containing the resource. For AWS FIS usage metrics, the value for this dimension is FIS.
Type The type of entity that is being reported. Currently, the only valid value for AWS FIS usage metrics is Resource.
Resource The type of resource that is running. The possible values are ExperimentTemplates for experiment templates, and ActiveExperiments for active experiments.
Class This dimension is reserved for future use.