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Supported Versions of AWS IoT Device Tester for FreeRTOS

This topic lists supported versions of IDT for FreeRTOS. As a best practice, we recommend that you use the latest version of IDT for FreeRTOS that supports your target version of FreeRTOS. Each version of IDT for FreeRTOS has one or more corresponding versions of FreeRTOS. New releases of FreeRTOS might require you to download a new version of IDT for FreeRTOS.

By downloading the software, you agree to the IDT for FreeRTOS License Agreement.

Latest Version of AWS IoT Device Tester for FreeRTOS

Use the following links to download the latest version of IDT for FreeRTOS.

IDT v1.7.0 for FreeRTOS 202002.00

Release Notes

  • Supports FreeRTOS 202002.00. For more information about what's included in the FreeRTOS 202002.00 release, see the file in GitHub.

  • Supports the custom code signing method for over-the-air (OTA) end-to-end test cases so that you can use your own code signing commands and scripts to sign OTA payloads.

  • Adds a precheck for serial ports before the start of tests. Tests will fail quickly with improved error messaging if the serial port is misconfigured in the device.json file.

  • Added an AWS Managed Policy AWSIoTDeviceTesterForFreeRTOSFullAccess with permissions required to run AWS IoT Device Tester. If new releases require additional permissions, we add them to this managed policy so that you don't have to manually update your IAM permissions.

  • The file named AFQ_Report.xml in the results directory is now FRQ_Report.xml.

Earlier IDT Versions for FreeRTOS

The following earlier versions of IDT for FreeRTOS are also supported.

IDT v1.6.1 for FreeRTOS 201912.00

Release Notes

  • Supports FreeRTOS 201912.00.

  • Supports optional tests for OTA over HTTPS to qualify your FreeRTOS development boards.

  • Supports AWS IoT ATS endpoint in testing.

  • Supports capability to inform users on latest IDT version before start of test suite.

IDT v1.5.2 for FreeRTOS 201910.00

Release Notes

  • Supports qualification of FreeRTOS devices with secure element (onboard key).

  • Supports configurable echo server ports for Secure Sockets and Wi-Fi test groups.

  • Supports timeout multiplier flag to increase timeouts which comes in handy when you troubleshoot for timeout related errors.

  • Added bug fix for log parsing.

  • Supports iot ats endpoint in testing.

IDT v1.4.1 for FreeRTOS 201908.00

  • IDT for Amazon FreeRTOS: Linux

  • IDT for Amazon FreeRTOS: macOS

  • IDT for Amazon FreeRTOS: Windows

Release Notes

  • Added support for new PKCS11 library and test case updates.

  • Introduced actionable error codes. For more information, see IDT Error Codes

  • Updated IAM policy used to run IDT.

For more information, see Support Policy for AWS IoT Device Tester for FreeRTOS.