Amazon FreeRTOS
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Download IDT v1.4.0 for Amazon FreeRTOS 201908.00

Use the following links to download the latest version of IDT for Amazon FreeRTOS. By downloading the software, you agree to the IDT for Amazon FreeRTOS License Agreement. Each version of IDT for Amazon FreeRTOS has one or more corresponding versions of Amazon FreeRTOS.

IDT v1.4.0 for Amazon FreeRTOS 201908.00

  • IDT for Amazon FreeRTOS: Linux

  • IDT for Amazon FreeRTOS: macOS

  • IDT for Amazon FreeRTOS: Windows

Release Notes

  • Added support for new PKCS11 library and test case updates.

  • Introduced actionable error codes. For more information, see IDT Error Codes

  • Updated IAM policy used to run IDT. Update to the latest policy, available here: Permissions Policy Template.

If you need to test an earlier version of Amazon FreeRTOS, see Earlier IDT Versions for Amazon FreeRTOS.