SuspendGameServerGroup - Amazon GameLift


This operation is used with the Amazon GameLift FleetIQ solution and game server groups.

Temporarily stops activity on a game server group without terminating instances or the game server group. You can restart activity by calling ResumeGameServerGroup. You can suspend the following activity:

  • Instance type replacement - This activity evaluates the current game hosting viability of all Spot instance types that are defined for the game server group. It updates the Auto Scaling group to remove nonviable Spot Instance types, which have a higher chance of game server interruptions. It then balances capacity across the remaining viable Spot Instance types. When this activity is suspended, the Auto Scaling group continues with its current balance, regardless of viability. Instance protection, utilization metrics, and capacity scaling activities continue to be active.

To suspend activity, specify a game server group ARN and the type of activity to be suspended. If successful, a GameServerGroup object is returned showing that the activity is listed in SuspendedActions.

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Request Syntax

{ "GameServerGroupName": "string", "SuspendActions": [ "string" ] }

Request Parameters

For information about the parameters that are common to all actions, see Common Parameters.

The request accepts the following data in JSON format.


In the following list, the required parameters are described first.


A unique identifier for the game server group. Use either the name or ARN value.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 256.

Pattern: [a-zA-Z0-9-\.]+|^arn:.*:gameservergroup\/[a-zA-Z0-9-\.]+

Required: Yes


The activity to suspend for this game server group.

Type: Array of strings

Array Members: Fixed number of 1 item.


Required: Yes

Response Syntax

{ "GameServerGroup": { "AutoScalingGroupArn": "string", "BalancingStrategy": "string", "CreationTime": number, "GameServerGroupArn": "string", "GameServerGroupName": "string", "GameServerProtectionPolicy": "string", "InstanceDefinitions": [ { "InstanceType": "string", "WeightedCapacity": "string" } ], "LastUpdatedTime": number, "RoleArn": "string", "Status": "string", "StatusReason": "string", "SuspendedActions": [ "string" ] } }

Response Elements

If the action is successful, the service sends back an HTTP 200 response.

The following data is returned in JSON format by the service.


An object that describes the game server group resource, with the SuspendedActions property updated to reflect the suspended activity.

Type: GameServerGroup object


For information about the errors that are common to all actions, see Common Errors.


The service encountered an unrecoverable internal failure while processing the request. Clients can retry such requests immediately or after a waiting period.

HTTP Status Code: 500


One or more parameter values in the request are invalid. Correct the invalid parameter values before retrying.

HTTP Status Code: 400


The requested resources was not found. The resource was either not created yet or deleted.

HTTP Status Code: 400


The client failed authentication. Clients should not retry such requests.

HTTP Status Code: 400


Suspend a game server group activity

This example suspends instance balancing activities for the game server group.

HTTP requests are authenticated using an AWS Signature Version 4 signature in the Authorization header field.

Sample Request

{ "GameServerGroupName": "MegaFrogServers_NA", "SuspendActions": [ "REPLACE_INSTANCE_TYPES" ] } CLI command: aws gamelift suspend-game-server-group \ --game-server-group MegaFrogServers_NA \ --suspend-actions REPLACE_INSTANCE_TYPES

Sample Response

{ "GameServerGroup": { "AutoScalingGroupArn": "arn:aws:autoscaling:us-west-2:123456789012:autoScalingGroup:1111aaaa-22bb-33cc-44dd-5555eeee66ff:autoScalingGroupName/MegaFrogServers_NA", "BalancingStrategy": "SPOT_PREFERRED", "CreationTime": 1496365885.44, "GameServerGroupArn": "arn:aws:gamelift:us-west-2::GameServerGroup/MegaFrogServers_NA", "GameServerGroupName": " MegaFrogServers_NA", "GameServerProtectionPolicy": "NO_PROTECTION", "InstanceDefinitions": [ { "InstanceType": "c5.2xlarge", "WeightedCapacity": "1" }, { "InstanceType": "c5.4xlarge", "WeightedCapacity": "2" } ], "LastUpdatedTime": 1496365885.44, "RoleArn": "arn:aws:iam:123456789012::role/GameLiftGsgRole", "Status": "ACTIVE", "StatusReason": "", "SuspendedActions": [REPLACE_INSTANCE_TYPES] }

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