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What is GameLift FleetIQ?

GameLift FleetIQ optimizes the use of low-cost Spot Instances for cloud-based game hosting with Amazon EC2. With GameLift FleetIQ, you can work directly with your hosting resources in Amazon EC2 and Auto Scaling while taking advantage of GameLift optimizations to deliver inexpensive, resilient game hosting for your players. Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, although offered at steep discounts, are not generally viable for game hosting because availability fluctuates and there is the potential for interruptions. GameLift FleetIQ significantly mitigates these limitations, making the use of low-cost Spot Instances viable for game hosting.

FleetIQ optimizations are also available when using GameLift to manage your game hosting. See the GameLift Developer Guide for more information on GameLift hosting options.

The GameLift FleetIQ game hosting solution is designed for game developers who:

  • Have existing AWS deployments or want to use Amazon EC2 directly rather than through the fully managed GameLift service. GameLift FleetIQ works with Auto Scaling groups that you manage in your AWS account, giving you full access to your Amazon EC2 instances and groups. You can also integrate with other AWS services, including Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, and AWS Shield Advanced.

  • Have existing on-premises game hosting and want to extend capacity to the cloud. With GameLift FleetIQ, you can build a hybrid deployment system that uses your on-premises capacity and incrementally adds AWS cloud capacity as needed.

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GameLift FleetIQ features

  • Optimized Spot balancing. GameLift FleetIQ periodically evaluates your instance types and replaces Spot Instances that are not considered viable due to a higher potential for game session interruptions. As your Auto Scaling group retires old instances and starts new ones, the group is continually refreshed with instance types that are currently viable for game hosting.

  • Optimal player routing. GameLift FleetIQ APIs direct new game sessions onto the most resilient Spot instances, where they are least likely to be interrupted. In addition, game sessions are packed onto fewer instances, which improves the Auto Scaling group's ability to scale down unneeded resources and lower hosting costs.

  • Automatic scaling based on player usage. GameLift FleetIQ emits game server utilization data as CloudWatch metrics. You can use these metrics to automatically scale your available hosting resources to track with actual player demand and reduce hosting costs.

  • Direct management of Amazon EC2 instances in your own AWS account. Maintain full control of your Amazon EC2 instances and Auto Scaling groups. This means that you can set up instance launch templates, maintain Auto Scaling group configurations, and integrate with other AWS services. As part of its Spot balancing activity, GameLift FleetIQ makes periodic updates to some Auto Scaling group properties. You can temporarily override these settings or suspend GameLift FleetIQ activity as needed.

  • Support for multiple game server executable formats. GameLift FleetIQ supports all formats that currently run on Amazon EC2, including Windows, Linux, containers, and Kubernetes. See the Amazon EC2 FAQs for a list of supported operating systems and runtimes.

  • Multiple types of hosting resources. With GameLift FleetIQ, you have access to a large range of instance types for game server hosting (availability varies by Region). This means that you can pair your game server with the appropriate mix of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity to provide the best possible gaming experience for your players.

  • Worldwide reach. GameLift FleetIQ is available in 15 Regions, including China. With this reach you can make your game servers accessible to players with minimal game lag, wherever they're located. See GameLift Service Endpoints for a complete list of Regions.