Amazon GameLift
Developer Guide (Version )

Working with Aliases

Amazon GameLift uses the term alias to refer to the redirecting of player sessions to a fleet that you specify. You can use aliases to direct player sessions to fleets that you're testing for launch or to support multiple game client sessions.

Amazon GameLift uses the term alias to refer to the redirect connection between a fleet and players. You can decide which fleet you want an alias to resolve to, and you can embed the alias ID into your game client to control the flow of players to the designated fleet.

There are two types of routing strategies for aliases:

  • Simple – A simple alias routes player traffic to the associated fleet. You can update the fleet to which the alias resolves at any time.

  • Terminal – A terminal alias does not resolve to a fleet. Instead, it passes a message back to the client. For example, you may want to notify players to upgrade their game client versions if they are attempting to connect to a fleet that is no longer supported.