Amazon GameLift
Developer Guide (Version )

Working with Aliases

An Amazon GameLift alias is used to abstract a fleet destination. Fleet destinations tell Amazon GameLift where to search for available resources when creating new game sessions for players. By using aliases instead of specific fleet IDs, you can more easily switch player traffic from one fleet to another by simply changing the alias's routing.

There are two types of routing strategies for aliases:

  • Simple – A simple alias routes player traffic to a specified fleet ID. You can update the fleet associated with an alias at any time.

  • Terminal – A terminal alias does not resolve to a fleet. Instead, it passes a message back to the client. For example, you may want to direct players who are using an out-of-date client to a location where they can get an upgrade.

Fleets have a finite usefulness, and there are several reasons why you'll need to switch fleets during the life of your game. In particular, the game server build that is deployed to a fleet cannot be updated. New build versions must be deployed to new fleets. In addition, some fleet resource attributes, including instance type and whether on-demand or spot instances are used, cannot be changed.

Game clients—or the client service middlemen—must tell Amazon GameLift which fleet (or queue) to use when requesting a new game session. As a result, if your game specifies a fleet rather than a queue, Directing player traffic to a fleet is done

Aliases are primarily useful in games that do not use queues. The game must identify which fleet to use when requesting a new game session, and a change in fleets will require changes to your game client or client service code. In particular, if the fleet ID is specified in client code, you would need to distribute new game clients to your players if you need to switch fleets the fleet ID is specified in a player's game client, you would need to distribute new game clients whenever you change a fleet. when specifying an individual fleet rather than queues when reThe key advantage of using aliases instead of fleets is that it allows you to change your game's fleet destination without having to change your game client or client service code.

When you create a fleet, the resources (instance type) and the game server build are You create a fleet with a specific game server build and A fleet