Amazon GameLift
Developer Guide (Version )

Update a Fleet

Use the Edit fleet page in the Amazon GameLift console to change a fleet's configuration. All fleet properties can be changed except for the build ID and the instance type. To change scaling settings, see Set Up Fleet Automatic Scaling.


If a fleet's build has been deleted or an error occurred while retrieving the build, you may see one of the following Build statuses:

  • Deleted – The build for this fleet was deleted. Your fleet will still run properly despite the build having been deleted.

  • Error – An error occurred while attempting to retrieve build information for the fleet.

To update a fleet configuration

  1. Open the Amazon GameLift console at

  2. Choose Fleets from the menu bar to open the Fleets page, which displays a list of all fleets created for this account.

  3. On the Fleets page, click the name of the fleet you want to edit. Only fleets in status ACTIVE can be edited.

  4. On the selected fleet page, under Actions, choose Edit fleet. The selected fleet's current configuration is displayed.

  5. On the Edit fleet page, you can change the following fields:

    • Name – Change the friendly name for your fleet.

    • Description – Add or change the description of the fleet.

    • Metric group – Add or change a metric group name. Names can be new or existing metric groups. Metric groups are used in Amazon CloudWatch to track aggregated Amazon GameLift metrics for all fleets in a metric group.

    • Process management – Change how you want server processes to run on each instance in the fleet.

      • Server process allocation – Add, change, or remove the type and number of game server processes you want to run on each instance.

      • Game session activation – Reset the limits on game session activations for each instance in the fleet.

    • EC2 port settings – Add, change, or remove port settings to define access permissions for inbound traffic connecting to server processes deployed on this fleet. A fleet must have at least one setting to enable access, and it can have multiple port settings.

    • Resource creation limit – Add, change or remove policies that limit the number of game sessions any one player can create in a specified period of time.

    • Protection policy – Add or remove game session protection for this fleet. Instances with protection are not terminated during a scale down event if they are hosting an active game session.

  6. Click Submit.