Setting up GameLift fleets - Amazon GameLift

Setting up GameLift fleets

This section provides detailed help with designing, building, and maintaining fleets for use with a managed GameLift solution. Managed GameLift fleets are used to deploy custom game servers and Realtime Servers.

Fleets are your hosting resources in the form of a set of EC2 instances. The size of a fleet depends on the number of instances you give it, and you can adjust fleet size to meet player demand either manually or by auto-scaling.

Most games in production require more than one fleet. You need multiple fleets if, for example, you want to host players in more than one region, or if you have two or more versions of your game server build or script (such as free and premium versions).

To learn about how to create fleets that best suit your game needs, start with GameLift Fleet Design Guide. Once you get a fleet up and running, you can create a fleet alias, add the fleet to a game session queue, and manage fleet capacity.