Setting up GameLift fleets - Amazon GameLift

Setting up GameLift fleets

This section provides detailed information about designing, building, and maintaining fleets for use with Amazon GameLift. You can use GameLift fleets to deploy custom game servers and Realtime Servers.

A fleet represents your hosting resources as a set of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances or physical hardware. A fleet's location determines where instances or hardware are deployed to host game sessions for your players. The size of a fleet, and the number of game sessions and players it can support, depends on the number of instances or amount of hardware you give it. You can adjust virtual instances manually or by automatic scaling.

Many games in production use more than one fleet. Multiple fleets are used to, for example, have more than one version of your game server running simultaneously, provide back-up capacity for Spot Fleets, or build in redundancy.

To learn about how to create fleets to suit your game needs, start with GameLift fleet design guide. After your fleet is running, see Scaling GameLift hosting capacity, Add an alias to a GameLift fleet, and Setting up GameLift queues for game session placement.