Amazon GameLift
Developer Guide (Version )

Working with Fleets

The topics in this section provide detailed help with setting up and managing your game server fleets.

Fleets are, quite simply, your hosting resources in the form of EC2 instances. To host a game server on Amazon GameLift, you need to deploy a fleet with your game server build. The size of a fleet depends on the number of instances you give it, and you can adjust fleet size to meet player demand either manually or by auto-scaling.

Most games in production require multiple fleets. Each fleet deploys one game server build to a single AWS region. As a result, if you want to host players in more than one region, or if you have two or more versions of your game server build (such as free and premium versions), you'll need to have multiple fleets.

This section provides detailed help with building and managing your hosting fleets. Start with Choose Computing Resources to learn about the various types of fleets you can create.


You don't need to have a game ready to start experimenting with Amazon GameLift. Learn more about available tools to get you exploring with Amazon GameLift features fast in Explore Amazon GameLift.