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Amazon GameLift hosting locations

Amazon GameLift is available in multiple AWS Regions and Local Zones. For a complete list of locations, see Amazon GameLift endpoints and quotas in the AWS General Reference.

Amazon GameLift hosting

When you create a Amazon GameLift fleet, Amazon GameLift creates the fleet's resources in your current AWS Region. Amazon GameLift calls this Region the fleet's home Region. To manage a fleet, access it from its home Region.

Multi-location fleets deploy instances to other locations in addition to the fleet's home Region. With multi-location fleets, you can manage capacity for each location individually, and you can place game sessions by location. Multi-location fleets can have remote locations in any Region or Local Zone that Amazon GameLift supports. The following diagram depicts a multi-location fleet with resources in two Regions. In the diagram, the us-west-2 Region includes two game servers, and the us-east-2 Region has one game server.

A multi-location Amazon GameLift fleet in two AWS Regions, each with their own game server resources.

If you choose to use a multi-location fleet with instances in Regions that aren't enabled by default, you must enable those Regions in your AWS account. Also, your Amazon GameLift administrator policy must allow the ec2:DescribeRegions action. For more information about Regions that aren't enabled by default and how to enable them, see Managing AWS Regions in the AWS General Reference. For a policy example with Regions that aren't enabled by default, see Administrator permission examples.


To use Regions that aren't enabled by default, enable them in your AWS account.

  • Fleets with Regions that aren't enabled that you created before February 28, 2022 are unaffected.

  • To create new multi-location fleets or to update existing multi-location fleets, first enable any Regions that you choose to use.

For game session placement, you can create game session queues in any location that Amazon GameLift supports. Amazon GameLift places game sessions from the location where you created the queue.

Local Zones

A Local Zone is an extension of an AWS Region in geographic proximity to your users. Local Zones have their own connections to the internet. Local Zones also support AWS Direct Connect so that resources created in a Local Zone can serve local users with low-latency communications. For more information, see AWS Local Zones.

The code for a Local Zone is its Region code, followed by an identifier that indicates its physical location. For example, the us-west-2-lax-1 Local Zone is in Los Angeles. For a list of available Local Zones, see Available Local Zones.

Amazon GameLift hosts your games in each of the locations that you choose for your fleet. The following diagram depicts a fleet with two game servers in the us-west-2 Region, one game server in the us-east-2 Region, and one game server in the us-west-2-lax-1 Local Zone.

A Amazon GameLift fleet that spans the us-west-2 and us-east-2 Regions, and the us-west-2-lax-1 Local Zone.

Available Local Zones

The following table lists the available Local Zones and their physical locations.

Local Zone Location (metro area)










Kansas City




Los Angeles



Amazon GameLift Anywhere

You can use Amazon GameLift Anywhere to create fleets with your own hardware, and manage your game builds, scripts, game servers, and clients using Amazon GameLift. Amazon GameLift Anywhere is available in all Regions that Amazon GameLift supports. For more information about creating an Anywhere fleet and testing your game server integration, see Create an Amazon GameLift Anywhere fleet and Set up local testing with Amazon GameLift Anywhere.

With Amazon GameLift Anywhere you create custom locations that represent the physical location of the hardware you are using to host your Amazon GameLift integrated game servers.

Amazon GameLift FlexMatch

For FlexMatch, you can host match-generated game sessions in any location that Amazon GameLift supports. Actual matchmaking activity takes place in the AWS Region where you chose to create your matchmaker resources. Amazon GameLift routes match requests to the matchmaker and processes them in that location. For more information about Amazon GameLift FlexMatch, see What is Amazon GameLift FlexMatch?

AWS Regions that support FlexMatch resources

Amazon GameLift in China

When using Amazon GameLift for resources in the China (Beijing) Region, operated by Sinnet, or the China (Ningxia) Region, operated by NWCD, you must have a separate AWS (China) account. Note that some features are unavailable in the China Regions. For more information about using Amazon GameLift in these Regions, see the following resources: