Amazon GameLift server SDK reference - Amazon GameLift

Amazon GameLift server SDK reference

This section contains reference documentation for the Amazon GameLift Server SDK. Use the Server SDK to integrate your custom game server with the Amazon GameLift service to start and manage game servers as needed.

Migrate to server SDK version 5.x

Consider the following changes when you migrate from an earlier version of the server SDK to server SDK version 5.x.

  • Download and replace the Amazon GameLift server SDK with the latest version.

  • The existing onStartGameSession() callback from the server SDK is now onCreateGameSession().

  • InitSDK() requires multiple inputs.

    • When using an managed EC2 fleet, the RuntimeConfiguration or EC2 metadata provides all the required inputs. Read the metadata and pass it as part of InitSdk().

    • When using an Amazon GameLift Anywhere fleet define these values as environment variables and pass them as part of the InitSdk() call.

  • Update automations created on earlier versions of the SDK to supply the SdkVersion. If the automation doesn't provide an SdkVersion, the value defaults to 4.*.

  • SDK 5.0 emits the metrics ActiveCompute using CloudWatch dimensions FleetId, Location, and ComputeType.