Monitor GameLift FleetIQ with Amazon CloudWatch - Amazon GameLift

Monitor GameLift FleetIQ with Amazon CloudWatch

Use Amazon CloudWatch metrics to scale your instance capacity, build operations dashboards, and trigger alarming. GameLift FleetIQ as a standalone solution emits a set of Amazon CloudWatch metrics to your AWS account. Also see Monitoring Your Auto Scaling Groups and Instances Using Amazon CloudWatch in the Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling User Guide.

The FleetIQ metrics are listed here. See complete Amazon CloudWatch metric information for GameLift FleetIQ at GameLift metrics for FleetIQ.

  • AvailableGameServers

  • UtilizedGameServers

  • DrainingAvailableGameServers

  • DrainingUtilizedGameServers

  • PercentUtilizedGameServers

  • GameServerInterruptions

  • InstanceInterruptions