Command Line and API Access - AWS GovCloud (US)

Command Line and API Access

You can use the command line interface (CLI), Query API, or REST interfaces to access AWS GovCloud (US) services. You can also use a language-specific software development kit (SDK). For more information about the CLI and SDK tools, see Tools for Amazon Web Services.

For the CLI and APIs, you are required to use access and secret access keys. You can create keys for each individual user by creating IAM users. For more information, see Working with Users and Groups in Using IAM.

After you have installed your preferred tool, you can access AWS GovCloud (US) by specifying the AWS GovCloud (US) Region endpoint for the AWS service that you want to access.

For information about setting regions using the AWS SDKs, see Available Region Endpoints for the AWS SDKs in the AWS Developer Center.

If you use the CLI, you can either specify the AWS GovCloud (US) endpoint every time you enter a command, or you can set an environment variable that specifies the endpoint. For more information, see the CLI documentation for the service.