Reset deployments - AWS IoT Greengrass

AWS IoT Greengrass Version 1 no longer receives feature updates, and will receive only security patches and bug fixes until June 30, 2023. For more information, see the AWS IoT Greengrass V1 maintenance policy. We strongly recommend that you migrate to AWS IoT Greengrass Version 2, which adds significant new features and support for additional platforms.

Reset deployments

This feature is available for AWS IoT Greengrass Core v1.1 and later.

You might want to reset a group's deployments to:

  • Delete the group, such as when you want to move the group's core to another group, or the group's core has been reimaged. Before you delete a group, you must reset the group's deployments to use the core with another Greengrass group.

  • Move the group's core to a different group.

  • Revert the group to its state before any deployments.

  • Remove the deployment configuration from the core device.

  • Delete sensitive data from the core device or from the cloud.

  • Deploy a new group configuration to a core without having to replace the core with another in the current group.


Reset deployments functionality is not available in AWS IoT Greengrass Core Software v1.0.0. You cannot delete a group that has been deployed using v1.0.0.

The reset deployments operation first cleans up all deployment information stored in the cloud for a given group. It then instructs the group's core device to clean up all of its deployment related information as well (Lambda functions, user logs, shadow database and server certificate, but not the user-defined config.json or the Greengrass core certificates). You cannot initiate a reset of deployments for a group if the group currently has a deployment with status of In Progress or Building.

Reset deployments from the AWS IoT console

You can reset group deployments from group configuration page in the AWS IoT console.

  1. In the AWS IoT console navigation pane, under Manage, expand Greengrass devices, and then choose Groups (V1).

  2. Choose the target group.

  3. From the Deployments tab, choose Reset deployments.

  4. In the Reset deployments for this Greengrass Group dialog box, type confirm to agree, and choose Reset deployment.

Reset deployments with the AWS IoT Greengrass API

You can use the ResetDeployments action in the AWS CLI, AWS IoT Greengrass API, or AWS SDK to reset deployments. The examples in this topic use the CLI.

aws greengrass reset-deployments --group-id GroupId [--force]

Arguments for the reset-deployments CLI command:


The group ID. Use the list-groups command to get this value.


Optional. Use this parameter if the group's core device has been lost, stolen, or destroyed. This option causes the reset deployment process to report success after all deployment information in the cloud has been cleaned up, without waiting for a core device to respond. However, if the core device is or becomes active, it also performs cleanup operations.

The output of the reset-deployments CLI command looks like this:

{ "DeploymentId": "4db95ef8-9309-4774-95a4-eea580b6ceef", "DeploymentArn": "arn:aws:greengrass:us-west-2:106511594199:/greengrass/groups/b744ed45-a7df-4227-860a-8d4492caa412/deployments/4db95ef8-9309-4774-95a4-eea580b6ceef" }

You can check the status of the reset deployment with the get-deployment-status CLI command:

aws greengrass get-deployment-status --deployment-id DeploymentId --group-id GroupId

Arguments for the get-deployment-status CLI command:


The deployment ID.


The group ID.

The output of the get-deployment-status CLI command looks like this:

{ "DeploymentStatus": "Success", "UpdatedAt": "2017-04-04T00:00:00.000Z" }

The DeploymentStatus is set to Building when the reset deployment is being prepared. When the reset deployment is ready but the AWS IoT Greengrass core has not picked up the reset deployment, the DeploymentStatus is InProgress.

If the reset operation fails, error information is returned in the response.

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