Disassociating member accounts in Amazon Inspector - Amazon Inspector

Disassociating member accounts in Amazon Inspector

The following procedure shows how to disassociate member accounts. Disassociated member accounts remain in your AWS Organizations organization as standalone Amazon Inspector accounts, but the Amazon Inspector delegated administrator no longer has permission to enable and manage Amazon Inspector for these accounts. You can add these accounts as members again later.


Disassociating an account does not disable Amazon Inspector scans for that account.

To disassociate member accounts:

  1. Log in to the delegated administrator account.

  2. Open the Amazon Inspector console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/inspector/v2/home, then use the Region selector in the upper right to specify the desired Region.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Settings and then choose Account Management.

  4. Select the check box for the accounts to disassociate.

  5. Select the Actions button, then choose Disassociate account from the menu.

  6. (Recommended) Repeat these steps in each AWS Region to ensure that the member account is disassociated in all Regions.