Creating a SiteWise Edge gateway - AWS IoT SiteWise

Creating a SiteWise Edge gateway

You can use the AWS IoT SiteWise console to create a SiteWise Edge gateway. This procedure details how to create a self-hosted SiteWise Edge gateway that you'll install on your own hardware. For information about creating a SiteWise Edge gateway that runs on Siemens Industrial Edge, see Running SiteWise Edge on Siemens Industrial Edge.

Create a SiteWise Edge gateway

  1. Navigate to the AWS IoT SiteWise console.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Edge gateways.

  3. Choose Create gateway.

  4. For Deployment type, choose Self-hosted gateway.

  5. Enter a name for your SiteWise Edge gateway or use the name generated by AWS IoT SiteWise.

  6. Under Greengrass device OS, select the operating system of the device where you'll install this SiteWise Edge gateway.


    The Data Processing Pack is only available on x86 platforms.

  7. (Optional) To process and organize data at the edge, under Edge capabilities, select Data Processing Pack.


    To grant user groups in your corporate directory access to this SiteWise Edge gateway, see Setting up edge capability

  8. (Optional) Under advanced configuration, do the following:

    1. For Greengrass core device, choose one of the following options:

      • Default setup – AWS automatically uses default settings to create a Greengrass core device in AWS IoT Greengrass V2.

        1. Enter a name for the Greengrass core device or use the name generated by AWS IoT SiteWise.

      • Advanced setup – Choose this option if you want to use an existing Greengrass core device or to create one manually.

        1. Choose a Greengrass core device or choose Create Greengrass core device to create one in the AWS IoT Greengrass V2 console. For more information, see Setting up AWS IoT Greengrass V2 core devices in the AWS IoT Greengrass Version 2 Developer Guide.

  9. Choose Create gateway.

  10. In the Generate SiteWise Edge gateway installer dialog box, choose Generate and download. AWS IoT SiteWise automatically generates an installer that you can use to configure your local device.


    Make sure that you save the installer file in a secure location. You will use the file later.

Now that you've created the SiteWise Edge gateway, add data sources, configure the publisher component, and get your SiteWise Edge gateway receiving data and sending it to the AWS Cloud.