Developer Guide

Configure Your Device

Configuring your device allows it to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Your device must be connected to your Wi-Fi network to install required files and send messages to AWS IoT. All devices must install a device certificate, private key, and root CA certificate in order to communicate with AWS IoT.


Pressing the AWS IoT button for 15 seconds will reset it and you will have to reconfigure your Wi-Fi and device certificate.

Configure an AWS IoT Button

The easiest way to configure your AWS IoT button is to use the AWS IoT button smart phone app. You can download it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. If you are unable to use the smart phone app, follow these directions to configure your button.

Turn on your device

  1. Remove the AWS IoT button from its packaging, and then press and hold the button until a blue blinking light appears. (This should take no longer than 15 seconds.)

  2. The button acts as a Wi-Fi access point, so when your computer searches for Wi-Fi networks, it will find one called Button ConfigureMe - XXX where XXX is a three-character string generated by the button. Use your computer to connect to the button's Wi-Fi access point.


    When the blue light stops blinking, the button ceases presenting itself as a Wi-Fi access point. Therefore, if you can't complete the following procedure soon enough, you may need to invoke the blue blinking light a few times to do so. Once configured, the device does not need to present itself as a Wi-Fi access point and communicates to the internet, just like any other computer, using your local Wi-Fi network.

  3. The first time you connect to the button's Wi-Fi access point, you will be prompted for the WPA2-PSK password. Type the last 8 characters of the device serial number (DSN). You'll find the DSN on the back of the device, as shown here:

Copy your device certificate and private key onto your AWS IoT button

To connect to AWS IoT, you must copy your device certificate and private key onto the AWS IoT button.

  1. In a browser, navigate to

  2. Complete the configuration form:

    • Type your Wi-Fi SSID and password.

    • Browse to and select your certificate and private key. For example, 2a540e2346-certificate.pem.crt and 2a540e2346-private.pem.key, respectively.

    • Find your custom endpoint in the AWS IoT console. (From the dashboard, in the left navigation pane, choose Manage, and then choose Things. Select the box representing your button to show its details page. On the details page, in the left navigation pane, choose Interact and look for the HTTPS section, near the top.) Your endpoint will look something like the following:

      where ABCDEFG1234567 is the subdomain and us-east-2 is the region.

    • On the Button ConfigureMe page, type the subdomain, and then choose the region that matches the region in your AWS IoT endpoint.

    • Select the Terms and Conditions check box. Your settings should now look like the following:

    • Choose Configure. Your button should now connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Configure a Different Device

Consult your device's documentation to connect to it and copy your device certificate, private key, and root CA certificate onto your device.