Developer Guide

View Device MQTT Messages with the AWS IoT MQTT Client

You can use the AWS IoT MQTT client to better understand the MQTT messages sent by a device.

Devices publish MQTT messages on topics. You can use the AWS IoT MQTT client to subscribe to these topics to see these messages.

To view MQTT messages:

  1. In the AWS IoT console, in the left navigation pane, choose Test.

  2. Subscribe to the topic on which your IoT thing publishes. Continuing with this example, in Subscribe to a topic, in the Subscription topic field, type my/topic, and then choose Subscribe to topic.

    Choosing Subscribe to topic above, results in the topic my/topic appearing in the Subscriptions column.

To emulate an IoT thing sending a message

  • On the MQTT client page, in the Publish section, in the Specify a topic and a message to publish… field, type my/topic.


    We do not recommend using personally identifiable information in topic names.

    In the message payload section, type the following JSON:

    { "message": "Hello, world", "clientType": "MQTT client" }

    Choose Publish to topic. You should see the message in the AWS IoT MQTT client (choose my/topic in the Subscription column to see the message).