AWS IoT Analytics
AWS IoT Analytics User Guide

Reprocessing Channel Data

AWS IoT Analytics allows you to reprocess channel data or, to put it another way, to replay existing raw data through a pipeline. This can be useful if:

  • You want to replay existing ingested data rather than starting over.

  • You make an update to a pipeline and want to bring existing data up-to-date with the changes.

To trigger the reprocessing of existing raw data, use the StartPipelineReprocessing command. Note the following:

  • The "startTime" and "endTime" parameters specify when the raw data was ingested, but these are rough estimates. You can round to the nearest hour. The "startTime" is inclusive, but the "endTime" is exclusive.

  • The command launches the reprocessing asynchronously and returns immediately.

  • There is no guarantee that reprocessed messages are processed in the order they were originally received. It is roughly the same, but not exact.

To cancel the reprocessing of existing raw data, use the CancelPipelineReprocessing command.

Use the DescribePipeline command to check the status of the reprocessing. See the "reprocessingSummaries" field in the response.