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IVS Recording | Real-Time Streaming

There are two recording options for IVS real-time streaming:

  • With individual participant recording, each publisher’s media is recorded in separate files.

  • In contrast, composite recording combines media from all publishers into a single view and records it in one file.

Individual participant recording incurs no additional Amazon IVS charges, while composite recording incurs charges for the hourly rate for the video encoded. Both recording options incur standard S3 storage and request costs. For more details, see Amazon IVS pricing.

For a more customizable solution, consider using the open-source IVSStageSaverr project as the foundation for your own self-hosted recording service.

Individual Participant Recording

This option is ideal for live streams with a single publisher or when separate recordings of each publisher are needed, especially for moderation purposes. For more details, see Individual Participant Recording.

Recording each publisher's media in a separate file using individual particpant recording.

Composite Recording

This option combines media from multiple publishers into a single view and records it in one file, ideal for a video-on-demand experience. For more details, see Composite Recording.

Recording a stage to an S3 bucket using server-side composition.