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The AWS Migration Hub home region APIs are available specifically for working with your Migration Hub home region. You can use these APIs to determine a home region, as well as to create and work with controls that describe the home region.

You can use these APIs within your home region only. If you call these APIs from outside your home region, your calls are rejected, except for the ability to register your agents and connectors.

You must call GetHomeRegion at least once before you call any other AWS Application Discovery Service and AWS Migration Hub APIs, to obtain the account's Migration Hub home region.

The StartDataCollection API call in AWS Application Discovery Service allows your agents and connectors to begin collecting data that flows directly into the home region, and it will prevent you from enabling data collection information to be sent outside the home region.

For specific API usage, see the sections that follow in this AWS Migration Hub Home Region API reference.


The Migration Hub Home Region APIs do not support AWS Organizations.