Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
Developer Guide

Kinesis Data Analytics for Java Applications: How it Works

Kinesis Data Analytics for Java Applications is a fully managed AWS service that enables you to use an Apache Flink application to process streaming data and to produce output. Your application then writes output to a configured destination.

You build your Apache Flink application locally, and then make your application code available to the Kinesis Data Analytics service by uploading it to an Amazon S3 bucket. Applications are built using the Flink programming model. Most Kinesis Data Analytics for Java applications will primarily use the DataStream API. The other Flink APIs are also available for you to use, but they are less commonly used in building streaming applications.

The Apache Flink programming model is based on two building blocks:

  • Data stream: The structured representation of a continuous flow of data records.

  • Transformation operator: Takes one or more data streams as input, and produces one or more data streams as output.

You connect data streams with external data by adding a source or a sink, called a connector. A typical application consists of at least one data stream with a source, a data stream with one or more operators, and at least one data sink.

This section contains the following topics: