Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
Developer Guide

What Is Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Java Applications?

With Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Java Applications, you can use Java to process and analyze streaming data. The service enables you to author and run Java code against streaming sources to perform time-series analytics, feed real-time dashboards, and create real-time metrics.

You can build Java applications in Kinesis Data Analytics using open-source libraries based on Apache Flink. Apache Flink is a popular framework and engine for processing data streams.

Kinesis Data Analytics provides the underlying infrastructure for your Apache Flink applications. It handles core capabilities like provisioning compute resources, parallel computation, automatic scaling, and application backups (implemented as checkpoints and snapshots). You can use the high-level Flink programming features (such as operators, sources, and sinks) in the same way that you use them when hosting the Flink infrastructure yourself.

Getting Started

You can start by creating a Kinesis Data Analytics application that continuously reads and processes streaming data. Then, author your Java code using your IDE of choice, and test it with live streaming data. You can also configure destinations where you want Kinesis Data Analytics to send the results.

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