Granting resource link permissions - AWS Lake Formation

Granting resource link permissions

Follow these steps to grant AWS Lake Formation permissions on one or more resource links to a principal in your AWS account.

After you create a resource link, only you can view and access it. (This assumes that Use only IAM access control for new tables in this database is not enabled for the database.) To permit other principals in your account to access the resource link, grant at least the DESCRIBE permission.


Granting permissions on a resource link doesn't grant permissions on the target (linked) database or table. You must grant permissions on the target separately.

You can grant permissions by using the Lake Formation console, the API, or the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI).

To grant resource link permissions using the Lake Formation console
  1. Do one of the following:

  2. Under Permissions, select the permissions to grant. Optionally, select grantable permissions.

                 The Permissions section contains two tiles. Each tile contains a option
                   button and text. The Resource link permissions tile is selected. The other tile
                   is disabled, because it relates to table permissions. Below the tiles is a
                   group of check boxes for resource link permissions to grant. Check boxes
                   include Drop, Describe, and Super. Below that group is another group of the
                   same check boxes for grantable permissions.
  3. Choose Grant.

To grant resource link permissions using AWS CLI
  • Run the grant-permissions command, specifying a resource link as the resource.

    This example grants DESCRIBE to user datalake_user1 on the table resource link incidents-link in the database issues in AWS account 1111-2222-3333.

    aws lakeformation grant-permissions --principal DataLakePrincipalIdentifier=arn:aws:iam::111122223333:user/datalake_user1 --permissions "DESCRIBE" --resource '{ "Table": {"DatabaseName":"issues", "Name":"incidents-link"}}'