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Integrating an Amazon Lex V2 bot with a contact center

You can integrate Amazon Lex V2 bots with your contact centers to enable self-service use-cases using the Amazon Lex V2 streaming API. Use these bots as interactive voice response (IVR) agents on telephony or as a text-based chatbot integrated into your contact center. For more information about the streaming APIs, see Streaming to an Amazon Lex V2 bot.

With streaming APIs, you can enable the following features:

  • Interruptions ("barge-in") – Callers can interrupt the bot and answer a question before the prompt is complete. For more information, see Enabling your bot to be interrupted by your user.

  • Wait and continue – Callers can instruct the bot to wait if they need time for retrieving additional information during a call, such as a credit card number or a booking ID. For more information, see Enabling the bot to wait for the user to provide more information.

  • DTMF support – Callers can provide information via speech or DTMF interchangeably.

  • SSML support – You can configure Amazon Lex V2 bot prompts using SSML tags for greater control over speech generation from text. For more information, see Generating speech from SSML documents in the Amazon Polly developer guide.

  • Configurable timeouts – You can configure how long to wait for customers to finish speaking before Amazon Lex V2 collects their speech input, such as answering a yes or no question, or providing a date or credit card number. For more information, see Configuring timeouts for capturing user input.