Automated Discovery of Resource Inventory - AWS License Manager

Automated Discovery of Resource Inventory

License Manager uses Systems Manager inventory to discover software usage on Amazon EC2 instances and on-premises instances. You can add product information to your license configuration and License Manager will track the instances that have those products installed.

Using Automated Discovery

To use automated discovery, you must add product information to your license configuration. You can do so either when you create the license configuration or when you associate the license configuration to resources using search inventory.

You cannot disassociate instances tracked by automated discovery. You could remove the product information from the license configuration and handle discovery yourself. However, we recommend that you enable License Manager to perform automated discovery on your behalf.


  • Enable cross-account inventory discovery by integrating License Manager with your AWS Organizations account. For more information, see Settings in License Manager.

  • Install Systems Manager inventory on your instances.

To get started with automated discovery

  1. Create license configurations for the servers and applications to manage. You can optionally select the products listed under Product information. For more information, see Create a License Configuration.

  2. (Optional) To track bring your own license (BYOL) software for products that were not listed in the previous step, do the following:

    1. Open the Search inventory page.

    2. Select the resource and choose Associate license configuration. Select a license configuration.

    3. Under Add product information, select the product.

    4. Choose Associate.

  3. Track usage through the License Manager dashboard.