AWS License Manager
User Guide

Troubleshooting AWS License Manager

This section contains troubleshooting help for specific errors that you may encounter when using AWS License Manager. Before using these procedures, confirm that your License Manager setup meets the requirements stated in Configuring License Manager Settings.

Cross-Account Discovery Error

While setting up cross-account discovery, you may encounter the following error message on the Search Inventory page:

Athena Exception: Athena Query failed because - Insufficient permissions to execute the query. Please migrate your Catalog to enable access to this database.

This can occur if your Athena service uses the Athena-managed data catalog rather than the AWS Glue Data Catalog. For upgrade instructions, see Upgrading to the AWS Glue Data Catalog Step-by-Step.

Master Account Cannot Disassociate Resources from a License Configuration

If a member account of an Organization deletes the AWSServiceRoleForAWSLicenseManagerMemberAccountRole Service Linked Role (SLR) in its account, and there are member-owned resources associated with a license configuration, the master account is prevented from disassociating licenses from those member-account resources. This means that the member account resources will continue to consume licenses from the master account pool. To allow the master account to disassociate resources, restore the SLR.

This behavior accounts for cases when a customer prefers not to allow the master account to perform some actions affecting member-account resources.

Systems Manager Inventory Is Out of Date

SSM stores data in its Inventory data for 30 days. During this period, License Manager counts a managed instance as active even if it is not pingable. Once inventory data has been purged from SSM, License Manager marks the instance as inactive and updates local inventory data. To keep managed instance counts accurate, we recommend manually deregistering instances in SSM so that License Manager can run cleanup operations.

Apparent Persistence of De-Registered AMI

License Manager purges stale associations between resources and license configurations once every few hours. If an AMI associated with a license configuration is deregistered through Amazon EC2, The AMI may briefly continue to appear in the License Manager resource inventory before being purged.

New Child Account Instances Slow to Appear in Master Resource Inventory

When cross-account support is enabled, License Manager updates customer accounts at 1 PM daily by default. Instances added later in the day show up in the master account resource inventory on the following day. You can change the frequency at which the update script runs by editing the LicenseManagerResourceSynDataProcessJobTrigger in the AWS Glue console for the master account.

After Enabling Cross-Account Mode, Child Account Instances Slow to Appear

When you enable cross-account mode in License Manager, instances in child accounts may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to appear in the resource inventory. The time depends on the number of child accounts and the number of instances in each child account.

Cross-Account Discovery Cannot Be Disabled

Once an account is configured for cross-account discovery, it is impossible to revert to single-account discovery.

Child Account User Cannot Associate Shared License Configuration with an Instance

When this occurs and cross-account discovery has been enabled, check for the following:

  • The child account has been removed from the organization.

  • The child account has been removed from the resource share created in the master account.

  • The license configuration has been removed from the resource share.

Linking AWS Organizations Accounts Fails

If the Settings page reports this error, it means that an account is not a member of an organization for the following reasons:

  • A child account was removed from the organization.

  • A customer turned off access to License Manager from organization console of the master account.