Patch management in AMS Accelerate - AMS Accelerate Operations Plan

Patch management in AMS Accelerate

You can use the AMS Accelerate patching system to patch your instances with security related and other types of updates. You can schedule patching an instance, or a group of instances, through the AWS Systems Manager (Systems Manager) maintenance window. You configure the window by using the AWSManagedServices-PatchInstance SSM Automation document, which is available through the Systems Manager console.

AMS Accelerate patch management uses the Systems Manager patch baseline functionality to control the definition of the patches that are applied on an instance. The patch baseline contains the list of patches that are pre-approved; for example, all security patches. The compliance of the instance is measured against the patch baseline associated to it. AMS Accelerate, by default, installs all patches available to keep the instance up to date.


AMS Accelerate applies only operating system (OS) patches. For example, for Windows, only Windows updates are applied, not Microsoft updates.

For information on reports, see Patch reporting.